Your topic: Video Games, good or bad for you

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Video Games, Good or Bad

Several people can argue computer or video games are bad for children because such games provide you an aggressive thoughts, on the other hand many says that these games are good because they give you with a way to express your feelings. The reason a view can be developed either way is due to there is no accurate answer. It has been confirmed that these games enhance people’s ability to develop and implement multiple strategies, and assist build up techniques of critical analyzing. I am in favor of video games because it improves are brain.

For a little bit now, it has been one of those “recognized facts” that playing these games enhances the coordination of hand and eye, much to the concerns of parents trying to convert family members that their obsessive gaming has no redeeming value. According to a research that carried out at the “University of Rochester”, playing video games that are full of action also enhances the people’s capability to take accurate and proper decisions more rapidly (OECD, 2007, 70-73). Ironically, an act that comprises sitting on the couch assists people to conceive on their feet. In my view video games give a great fun and social form of amusement. These games support and promote collaborative and teamwork. After playing these video games, children feel comfortable with latest technology. Video games also enhance the self-esteem and self-confidence of children as they master games.

In the modern researchers’ studies and experiments, it has been confirmed that technical and productive games enhance the logical area of mind or brain with the enhancement in the creativity. There are lots of games which have demonstrated the capability to fast their players reflexes and observations. Moreover, in the era of advance networking, there are a lots of video games which are increasing social networking of youngsters through playing a single games online. These online games increasing the team sprit therefore, it is not wrong to say that these team sprit enhancement video games can play a significant role in the professional or future life of their players.

Another facet of these video games that many people think is its bad consequences that they bring to children. The major effect is the aggression and violence they hold. Many people also says that kids and adults who play more aggressive video games are more probable to have heightened their aggressive and hard line notions, attitudes and behaviors (Goldstein, 2005, 147-152). People think that playing these games too much makes children detached from their family, friends, and community, as well as neglected their educations. Moreover, children can learn vulgar language and manners from other kids at the time of playing with them.

I chose this topic because I think many people think that video games are so bad, and it develops the violent behaviors in people mainly in children, but I want to convince these people that latest technologies in games enhance the mental ability in children.

Mostly video games increase the concept of team working and it is clear that team working is employed a lots by directors of organisations because it is considered as a mean of cutting cost (less workforce may be required as compared if different individuals did it in separate departments).

Video games also increase the awareness and importance of of gaols. In integrated working goals should be specific and in integrated working work should be assigned to different members according to their capability. In integrated working different members have different strengths which they bring to gather while performing a group task(s).

Integrated working improves communication; it is not merely regarding exchanging information- it is about desires, hopes, feelings and ideas, we determine this when we communicate with individuals we respect and trust.

The mental effects of these video games are no above than that of going to watch a film or eating a chocolate. It is always said that that they are contaminating the growing youth; with proper directions and well strength of mind there is no matter with playing 30 minutes some video games. However, it has also been shown that the extra time gamers spend enjoying these games can be employed for more constructive, creative, and productive tasks.


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