Customers are advised to read and adhere to the following refund policy of Essay Lounge before placing an order.

  • In case if the customer is not fully contented with the 7 revision sessions of the essay as it doesn't meet with the terms of instructions, the customer is entitled to contact Essay Lounge's Online Support and file a detailed complaint. It is then our job to either:
    • Allocate the order to another expert writer, if we believe that your order can be completed effectively by another competent writer
    • OR
    • Give a complete refund to you.
  • Essay Lounge holds the sole rights to offer a refund to the customer in case of slight delay in the delivery of the essay or some minor content error since such reasons may not suffice for a complete refund.
  • In case if the customer's credit card is charged twice due to any error, Essay Lounge will be responsible to reimburse the erroneously charged sum to the customer as soon as it is notified.

Contact and Dispute Settlement Policy

  • Should the customer feels unsatisfied with the quality of the delivered order, the customer agrees to first contact and notify Essay Lounge for direct settlement prior to consulting any third party.
  • If both the customer and Essay Lounge fail to come to any settlement within 14 days, then the customer holds the right to contact any third party for arbitration.
  • If the customer fails to contact Essay Lounge before initiating a chargeback, it will be considered as a breach of contract and the matter will be dealt with accordingly.