Essay Lounge values the privacy of our customers which is the reason we believe that it is essential to notify our customers how we use their information and how we keep it completely confidential.

Fear not... Essay Lounge privacy policy is as secure as the legendary impenetrable Swiss vault. By dealing with us you will be assured:

  • 100% Confidentiality of your personal information
  • 100% Genuineness of your paper
  • 100% Privacy as for your usage of our valuable services

To protect the privacy or confidentiality of our clients we have created a highly secured and impregnable privacy policy.

  • Customer Personal Information

    To process the order we only request the customers to state their name, email address and phone number. The customer may state his/her alias instead of using the real name. But the rest of the information such as email and phone number should be real because without a valid email and phone number the order cannot be processed further. Nonetheless, these personal details of the customers are discretely stored in our separate server.

  • Use of Personal Details

    When customers disclose their personal details to us, we use those details for processing the order as well as for responding to the order related queries of the customers. Furthermore, we use customers' contact details to further notify them of our new services, discount or promotional offers. Again, we guarantee you that your personal information will never be disclosed to any third party and not even to our employees, except those who have authoritative access for instance the database administrator.

    Should the customers do not wish to be contacted again after receiving the order, they may opt out from our subscription. All of their personal details will be permanently erased from our database.

  • Web-based Information

    We often track the cookies and IP address of the visitors who visit our website. This way we are able to understand the behaviour of the visitors such as what pages they visit more and what pages have high bounce rate. These crucial details help us improve the quality of those pages.

    The visitors may prevent the cookies from getting tracked if they wish; however, it will restrict some pages of our web from getting displayed.

  • Alteration in Privacy Policy

    Essay Lounge reserves absolute rights to add or change any article of our privacy policy. However, in case if any alteration in the policy is performed, our customers will be notified immediately.